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From Vision to Reality: RH1’s Turnkey Solution behind the City Park’s Creation

Attractions and Activities at City Park, The Global City, Vietnam - developed by RH1

As a retail and entertainment consultant, RH1 is proud to collaborate with Masterise Homes in bringing City Park to life – a vibrant hub buzzing with amusement, sports, and family fun, all conveniently located under one roof! Let's explore the path that led to the creation of this groundbreaking entertainment landmark. 

Discover City Park - A Haven of Entertainment Developed by RH1

📍 City Park, located in The New Downtown – The Global City, Do Xuan Hop Street, Thu Duc City, is the largest entertainment-sport complex in Ho Chi Minh City.

Developing an amusement park for all ages, from families, children to young adults, RH1 offers various entertainment experiences. 

  •  TGC Speedway features the longest hybrid Go-kart Track in Southeast Asia, immersive VR Games, 7D Cinema & AR experience.  

  •  TGC Sports Arena – a state-of-the-art sports complex for indoor and outdoor tournaments. 

  •  TGC Play & Ride – offering thrilling Outdoor Rides and a free Kid Playground. 

  •  TGC Horse-riding and Archery Academy - the first of its kind in downtown Ho Chi Minh City (launching in June 2024). 

  •  F&B.

The Guiding Hand: RH1's Development Expertise 

Accompanying the project from the early days, we meticulously followed each step on our development roadmap, ensuring City Park delivers a truly exceptional adventure.

From diving deep into market research, feasibility studies to crafting concepts & themes, overseeing various construction and marketing strategies, operational excellence has been our cornerstone at RH1. Collaboration with numerous stakeholders has been integral in aligning the project with our client's vision, fostering a cohesive approach towards delivering world-class standards, safety and high quality. From the construction site to the office, we’ve worked closely with Masterise Homes to ensure everything is on track.

RH1 was full steam on-site at City Park to prepare for the final steps and we were all about checking, double-checking, and triple-checking every ride, attraction, and corner of the park. Our mission is to make sure everything operates smoother than a rollercoaster on butter, fine-tuning the fun, inspecting, training the staff and more than that.

"This isn't just an amusement park, it's a world-class entertainment experience for customers we're crafting together" - it's been our guiding light since day one and throughout the entire development process.

Through it all, our focus has always been on delivering a whole package of turnkey solutions while putting our client at the center of every decision. 

RH1 Team works onsite at City Park, The Global City and collaborates with Masterise Homes to optimize the operation process

Sneak Preview - Gathering Feedback for Continued Excellence 

Our Sneak Peek offered the public a tantalizing glimpse into City Park, while also providing us with valuable feedback to further refine our operations and customer service.

Step to the Public with Grand Opening Day  

The city lights gleamed brighter than ever as City Park's Grand Opening became a landmark event. An energetic music concert, a vibrant parade filled the streets with color and cheer, game station buzzed with excitement, and the night culminated in musical fountain show, all together set the mood for the Grand Opening night. The unexpected surge of visitors and the dynamic atmosphere truly contributed to our success.

City Park represents a significant leap forward in bringing a new level of entertainment to the community and reaching for always greater experiences.

But our journey doesn't stop there! Stay tuned for exciting innovations at City Park and our upcoming projects in Southeast Asia from RH1.


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