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Old But Gold: How Arcades Develop and Change with Timeless Entertainment?

Colorful Arcade Games at Neo Game Oasis, Chipmong Sensok Mall, Cambodia

The entertainment landscape is a vibrant playground constantly evolving with new games and experiences popping up all the time. Yet, arcades, often seen as relics of the past, continue to hold a special place in customers’ hearts. Many might dismiss them as easily replaced by the latest home consoles. But the truth is, arcades are experiencing a comeback and remain a effective tool for property developers seeking to boost foot traffic and customer engagement. 

This article dives into the enduring appeal of arcades and explores the exciting trends shaping the industry. We'll also discuss the challenges faced by property developers and provide strategies to ensure their arcades stay vibrant and profitable in the modern entertainment scene. 

The Attraction of Arcades – How They Maintain the Heat? 


A man and his daughter play Arcader Game together

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the global arcade gaming market size was valued at USD 4.04 billion in 2023 is anticipated to reach USD 6.06 billion by 2031. This impressive growth is a clear sign of the lasting appeal of arcades. Here's why they continue to resonate with people of all ages: 

- Nostalgic Factor: Arcades trigger positive memories across generations. From the iconic sounds of Pac-Man to the button-mashing intensity of Street Fighter, these games tap into a sense of nostalgic that creates a welcoming atmosphere. It's like stepping back in time and reconnecting with simpler moments. 

- Social Interaction: Unlike solitary screen-based entertainment at home, arcades encourage interaction and friendly competition. Playing side-by-side with friends or family on air hockey or Dance Revolution adds a social element that keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more. It's a chance to bond, laugh, and create shared memories. 

- Capitalizing on Retro Trends: The renewal of "retro" culture adds another layer of appeal to arcades. They offer a unique experience that combines a touch of the past with the excitement of gaming. It's like visiting a museum of classic games where you can relive the fun and connect with simpler times. 


The Evolving Arcade: A Fusion of Old and New 

3 Kids play UFO VR Arcade Game in an entertainment center

While classic arcade experiences hold a special place in our hearts, today's arcades are embracing innovation and catering to modern preferences. Let’s explore some exciting trends shaping the industry! 

- Tech Integration: Cutting-edge technology is transforming the arcade experience. Virtual Reality (VR) arcades offer complete immersion in fantastical worlds, transporting players to unexplored lands. Augmented Reality (AR) arcades overlay digital elements onto the real world, creating interactive experiences that blend physical and digital environments.  

- Expanded Game Selection: Modern arcades cater to a wider audience by offering a mix of classic titles and modern games. This includes skill-based games that reward players with tickets based on performance, adding a layer of competition and prize-winning excitement. There's something for everyone, whether the customer is a professional gamer or a tech-savvy newbie. 

- Focus on Physical Activity: Catering to the growing demand for active entertainment, some arcades incorporate elements of physical activity. Motion-controlled games and interactive dance floors let players burn some energy while having fun. It's a great way for visitors to get moving and enjoy a healthy dose of friendly competition. 


Challenges and Solutions for Property Developers 


Multiple Colorful Arcade Games at Neo Game Oasis, Chipmong Sensok Mall, Cambodia

While arcades are ideal for many types of attractions, from FEC (Family Entertainment Center), Malltertainment, Shopping Mall to Amusement Park, incorporating them into a development presents a unique set of obstacles currently. The entertainment market is constantly changing, and competition from other entertainment options is fierce. So, how can property developers and mall operators ensure their arcades remain successful? 

Here are some recommendations for you to power arcades and maximize their potential: 

- Creating Entertainment Hubs: Arcades aren't isolated attractions. They work hand-in-hand with other businesses. Strategically placed arcades in designated entertainment zones will make visitors drawn in by the arcade, extending their stay, grabbing a bite at a nearby restaurant or browsing shops, ultimately boosting overall footfall traffic and profitability for all businesses.  

- Broadening Audience Appeal: Modern arcades cater to a wider demographic than ever before. Families with children can enjoy the variety of games, especially with sports games and educational games, while younger generations appreciate the fast-paced, interactive nature of VR/AR experiences and skill-based challenges. By offering something for everyone, developers can create a space that appeals to a broad audience and keeps them coming back for more. 

- Staying Ahead of the Curve: 

+ Hand-picked Game Library: Regularly update the arcade game library with a mix of classic and modern titles, including VR/AR experiences and skill-based games.


+ Engaging Events & Tournaments: Organize regular tournaments and events around popular games. This fosters a sense of community, encourages repeat visits, and promotes friendly competitions. Imagine the excitement of a local Street Fighter championship or a high-score challenge on a brand-new VR game! 

+ Embrace Emerging Technologies: Stay informed about the latest trends and explore ways to integrate them into the arcade experience. This keeps your offerings fresh for visitors and makes you stand out from your competitors. Look beyond VR and AR - consider incorporating esports experiences or even interactive experiences that combine physical activity with digital elements. 


Neo Oasis Game – an Modern Gaming Entertainment Center with Arcade - developed by RH1 

 An example of successful arcade integration is the Neo Oasis Game developed by RH1. Located in Chip Mong Sen Sok shopping mall, this development features an arcade that seamlessly blends classic and modern experiences. Not only including diverse types of arcade games like Hyper Pitch, Basketball, or Dicey Jump, Neo Oasis Game is also attractive by integrating with a dedicated Redemption Area, allowing players to earn prizes from their games’ points. Combining with state-of-the-art AR and VR Games, it brings customers a diverse experience in only one destination.   


This not only adds an extra layer of excitement but also boosts traffic within the development. Visitors drawn to the arcade might end up grabbing a bite at a nearby restaurant or browsing shops after exchanging their tickets, creating a ripple effect that benefits all businesses. 


The Neo Oasis Game arcade also demonstrates the power of a curated game library. They regularly introduce new VR experiences alongside timeless classics, ensuring there's something for everyone. Additionally, they host regular tournaments and events, fostering a sense of community and keeping visitors engaged. 


Arcades - A Timeless Appeal for Modern Success 


Colorful Arcade Games at Neo Game Oasis, Chipmong Sensok Mall, Cambodia

Despite their "old-school" image, arcades continue to grow with new trends and remain a powerful tool for customer engagement. They offer a unique blend of nostalgia, social interaction, and exciting gameplay that resonates with people of all ages. By strategically integrating arcades into their developments, property developers can create dynamic spaces that attract a wider audience and boost overall success.  

Want to include the latest arcades that drive the footfall traffic to your destination? RH1 is here to help you!  


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